Who is Heart for Art?

Heart for Art sprang from Danny Birch's mind one afternoon, along with the logo which his fingers just started drawing. In the vintage artistic tattoo studio located in Stalybridge, Tameside, near Manchester in UK Danny and his team create their masterpieces based on the belief that tattoos are genuine artwork, and then each one should be unique, with a personal meaning.

We won't sweet talk you into getting something that won't look good on you, and we'll research tattoo designs thoroughly to ensure you only get the very best tattoo. We don't just jump in with a needle, we take the time to explore all possibilities and focus on getting that image to crazy perfection.



Why Heart for Art?

Sometimes great things come from the worst experiences. For Danny, there's nothing worse than a bad tattoo, and he's had his share of them. Travelling around hundreds of parlours around the world, Danny was sick to death of the same way of doing things. No communication, no trust, getting passed around, and broken promises. He got infected because of poor practice, and had his ideas ruined by terrible tattooists. So he created Heart for Art.

Great tattooing is simple. You sit down, you look, you get your inspiration and you draw. We won't say no to any cover up. There's no regrets with us, no compromise and no settling for second best. You'll never leave us unsatisfied. We guarantee it. Because we love art, and we love what we do.

Danny 'Heart for Art' Birch

When Danny hit rock bottom after a string of dead end jobs and a year away in Australia, inspiration struck. He'd always been a drawer, and one night he looked at a friends tattoo, picked up some biro pens, and coloured it in, transforming it in the process. Now he had Heart for Art. With £700 loaned from his parents, he bought his first equipment, one Facebook campaign later, he had people in all kinds of positions around his house, the kettle on non-stop and people queuing out the door.

Danny wears his heart on his sleeve, given the tattoo of the logo on his arm. He'll make you laugh. He'll chat with you about anything and everything. He'll make you feel comfortable, special, and unique. He'll leave you with one hell of a tattoo. He'll leave you with one huge smile.


Tom is just a younger Danny. Danny saw everything he wanted to be in Tom, and took him under his wing. Without Tom, Danny couldn't function, and there would be no Heart for Art. Tom's is the first welcoming face when you come to visit, and he'll make you instantly feel at home. He's the studio manager, and handles all the day to day running of the place as well as all the tech side of things. That leaves Danny free to focus on the art, though he often looks to Tom for inspiration too.

Stop worrying about a bad tattoo, or the best place to get a great tattoo! Give Tom a ring today, or send us a message.






Sam wandered off Manchester Road into the Heart For Art Studios and never left. And she’s never looked back. In fact, it’s like she’s always been there, another important piece of the Heart for Art puzzle. Sam’s been inspired throughout her life by her Mum, and the mantra of never regretting doing something you love. She’s always loved art, and been drawing her entire life, so one day, she packed in her hated job, and followed her heart, which led her straight to Danny, and his guidance and mentoring. She began drawing cats - the only interesting things around her home - and now she’s designing and tattooing people from around the country. If only for the fact that she’s so dedicated she practices on herself, Sam’s skills and charm have quickly become as popular as Danny’s.


Leanne has immersed herself in everything artistic for as long as she can remember, devoting her whole school life to all things art based. Where that wasn't enough, Leanne taught herself. When Danny saw her work at a friend's house, he saw a little bit of himself in Leanne. When he encouraged her to try a wall mural, they were both blown away by the result. With a new found freedom to expand across entire walls and take on any challenge, Leanne joined the Heart for Art team to provide an enhanced look to the whole shop, and to develop her skills under Danny.