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Watercolour Tattoo Painting Design

One of Sam's Watercolour Painting Designs for her client, and then the finished Tattoo!


Global clients want Sam's Watercolour Tattoos

Our Tattoo Artist Sam Barber now has a 4 month waiting list and has people from places all over the world coming to Heart for Art Tattoo Shop in Manchester to get one of her Watercolour Style Tattoos!

Not bad saying she's only been Tattooing for a year.


Watercolour Rose Tattoo

This client came in and asked for a simple Rose Tattoo, but here at Heart for Art Tattoo Shop in Manchester we don't do anything simple! We introduced him to Sam, showed him her Watercolour Style and he was game!

So instead of just having a simple Rose Tattoo, he left with this Awesome Watercolour Style Rose Tattoo.


This is why we're famous for our Coverup Tattoo work

We know what makes a great Tattoo, and we want to help you achieve that perfect one. That's why we don't have pictures and stencils up on the wall- we like to sit and talk with you about what you want, and design something special just for you.

And that's why we're famous for our Coverup Tattoo work. There is nothing that can't be fixed, and we don't take the easy option of turning a poor Tattoo into a Tribal one. Our artists will transform what you don't like, into an Awesome Tattoo which you love.


Watercolour Flower Bird Tattoo

Watercolour Flower Bird Tattoo


Watercolour Style Daisy Foot Tattoo

Watercolour Style Daisy Foot Tattoo


Watercolour Style Poppy Tattoo

Watercolour Style Poppy Tattoo


Watercolour Rose Tattoo

Watercolour Style Rose Tattoo


Custom Tattoo Design

Our Artist Sam Barber painting a custom Watercolour Design for a client's Tattoo to be done in her Watercolour Style


Abstract Style Flower Tattoo 

Abstract Style Flower Coverup Tattoo